14 Comments on 7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

  1. Hi Michelle, another excellent post.

    This is the major one “You have to want it bad enough” – agree with you 100%
    We do whatever it takes, depending on the situation.

    Lets take a day to day example, if you get a phone call from school that your child is in sick bay. if you are woking for a boss, you would ask, beg or even leave without giving it a second thought.
    You would do whatever it takes to go & get your child.

    Just need to go back & see WHY you are doing this business? Just like you said Michelle, you either DO or NOT DO there is no try…

    Hope all the readers takw your tips to heart & build their businesses.


  2. Great post, I like the 3rd tip.

    In business you’re not trying to promote to everyone, only the interesed ones.
    You will get no’s………….. and yes’s.
    That’s OK and necessary.
    Remember nowadyays you could give someine on the street money with no catch, and they’ll still reject it, (not me, but some people would).

    With that being said try to just enjoy yourself and learn from your mistakes and you should be fine.

  3. Great Post, Michelle!

    This article is definitely a way to get over the Fear of Rejection!!

    I’ve personally gotten to the point now, that it’s kinda funny to me when people say NO!! I think to myself, “WOW! Are you really passing up the Opportunity to work directly with me and my time? LOL!!!”

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle!!

    To Your Infinite Success,

  4. Micro Goals are the best. You get more done and don’t get overwhelmed. If you get overwhelmed …you do nothing.

    Thanks “bossy redhead”

  5. This was an excellent article. I have the mindset you explain here and you are right, without that mindset most people will fall to the wayside. It takes time and making up your mind to be successful. You have to be able to see the big picture and have a big world.

    Keep the articles coming.

    Scott Moore

  6. Great tips Michelle. I remember having breakfast at a hotel once while on a road trip in North Carolina. A lady was so friendly and trying hard to have a conversation with us while we were filling up our plates. Only to find out she wants to recruit us into her business. So “don’t meet people with your business in mind” is a great reminder.

  7. Michelle,

    I really like tip #2 ,Recruit with a buddy. This make recruiting a social experience and thus you feel more comfortable taking to people about what you’re doing.


  8. Hey Michelle, awesome post -really like these tips. So often we can take these “no’s” so personally that we shut down and don’t continue. I especially like the game you made in #3. And the reminder that “yes” someone wants to look at what we have to offer doesn’t mean STOP.

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