Are All Your Eggs In One Basket?

One of the things that gives that “icky” feeling in MLM is the “drink the KoolAid” mentality that goes on within the opportunity. Some MLMs have a culture of “this is the end all be all” and the distributors never really learn how to market properly or develop their own branding outside of the MLM business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t sell something unless I believe in it. I have two network marketing companies that I represent whole heartedly and I make a very generous living from them both. But I am also a realist. Even behemoth Amway has been in steady decline for years. If you don’t become a master marketer and keep your pulse on what customers want you will eventually see a decrease in your income.

There is a way to ensure that you don’t ride an income roller coaster:

Diversify Your Income

So what do I recommend to people to help them grow their own brand and learn the latest in marketing?

I always recommend to my team that they start with a blog. I educate them on branding and why people follow YOU not products!

Next I help them use a Sales Funnel to get leads. Without leads, you don’t have a business.

I made a video for you about this:

In conclusion, if you don’t have multiple revenue streams, that is fine, but do your homework and diversify! If you want to get some serious results, I recommend you start with MLSP or PRO U. MLSP is a lower end system, more affordable. PROU which was created by marketing legend Jay Kubassek is a high end sales funnel for serious business owners who really want to take their game to the next level.

Not only do these services enable you to generate more leads, they help you generate QUALITY leads as well as provide YOU will excellent training and membership into a group of other like minded business builders who can help you achieve your goals.

You must find your own voice, develop your leadership skills and provide value to those who follow you. This will be the secret sauce in ensuring you always have a thriving business.

Now go forth and find your success!!!

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14 thoughts on “Are All Your Eggs In One Basket?”

  1. Michelle,

    Great post, diversification has been a topic for investment, but we should take it one step further and make sure that our income come from a variety of sources, you just never know what may happen. Any changes in a single source of income can be devastating but if you have multiple streams a change in one will be just a bleep and you can then take appropriate measure before it affects your overall net.

    Great Post.

    1. I always tell my team that people can by our products from anyone. It is in our unique value that people choose each one of us to work with. Thanks for the comment!

  2. right on the money Michelle. Multiple streams of income. There are so many affiliate products out there. Promote the ones you use yourself and can recommend & you can’t go wrong! And of course if people love your affiliate products, they may want to know what you are doing for a primary company.

  3. Hi Michelle – This is so, so important. Most everyone I know in my primary company is ONLY identified as an agent of the company. They have no way to hedge their bets, should something go awry with the company… or their relationship with the company. It doesn’t mean they can’t go full out building, but you’re correct in encouraging people to brand themselves.

  4. Hey Michelle, great post as always.

    We learn at school, don’t put all eggs in one basket, then when we start with a network marketing compnay we just do that! So, the result for most people they cannot stay in business because everyone don’t want your opportunity or product. No wonder 95% people fail, simply they cannot carry on without cash flow.

    Also a great point about your personal brand, you are absolutely right, people follow people!


  5. I think this advice is key no matter what field you are in. With your own business, you can’t rely on a single method or product to build and maintain profits. Michelle, you are so right when you say it is YOU not the product people chose to follow. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thanks Megan! One of the things I really love about this approach too is it makes us find our own voice! It helps us to truly provide value to our followers and pushes us to new levels we would not have achieved before.

  6. Great Post & Video, Michelle!

    I agree with you 1,000,000% We as Network Marketers can tend to get fully immersed in our primary business opportunities and even when things are going bad we still go down with the ship because we’ve put everything into this one “Basket!”

    Which is extremely sad, because there so many other people in the industry that need our help through coaching, speaking etc. which all are potential income streams.

    It took me a while to figure this out, but I’m glad that I did.

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle and keep up the great work!

    To Your Infinite Success,

  7. Totally agree, I think for you to exist without the MLM company is very important and probably necessary since any company could end or dramatically change the rules at any point.

    With your own products you have the control and can decide the next steps to take and also separate yourself from the competition, because after all several thousand people are promoting the same services, company etc as you.

    So why would a prospect buy from YOU as opposed to anyone else in your company?….

    Answer this well and you could be very successful, Good Day Everyone (I’m not an Aussie LOL)

  8. I think that in ones effort to be diversify their portfolio, one has to be careful to not become a “jack of all trades” and a master of none. I’m sure you’ve come across that person that is in XYZ company then ABC program and it goes on and on.

    The multi-millionaires and billionaires that are my mentors have shared that the hocus pocus is more in the focus. Sometimes, I think Americans have so many options and opportunities that it can paralyze our focus and cause us to become jacks instead of masters… if that makes sense.

    With that said, I understand the importance of not placing all one’s security in lets say a job, when it is an obvious certainty that no job has security, and in reality the only security is in you.

    Thanks for bringing up this hot topic and allowing us to share our perspectives.

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