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For People Who Have a Big Goal

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The House

I was standing outside school this morning after dropping Ashley at school today and I was talking to another mom who started telling me that she likes to write fiction. I was intrigued and asked her more questions about what she writes and if she has a plan to get published.

One of the things that she said that I loved was that her husband called her writing “The House.” Do you know why? He believed that when she got published and became a well known writer, they would buy a house. How cool is it that she has a spouse that believes in her like that! And how awesome that they have a dream, a common goal to reach for!

I listened to her talk more about her dreams and hopes for her family and I mentioned that I could help her. She immediately tuned in. I said, “that is what I do – I teach people how to run their own businesses so they can do the things they want to do.”

Of course it is interesting how people come into our lives that need us. I am always amazed at the universe and how there are no coincidences. How interesting is it that I know how to get a book published and she is a writer that doesn’t know how to do that. I love how I meet people specifically that are perfect matches to my ability to teach them and help them.

Do you have a “house”? Do you have a big goal or dream? What is your plan to achieve it?

It is time to own your life, to take responsibility and make your dreams become a reality. It IS possible. But if you don’t know how to get started then I can help you too. I can show you how to start a business online, how to market, how to grow and gain multiple revenue streams.

There is a reason you are reading this, and I believe we all are introduced to the right people at the right time.

Let’s go get your house!

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