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Heard You Are Quitting

Yeah, so I heard you are quitting! What? You’re not? Oh, well it seems that people are saying you are quitting. How would they get that idea?

Has this ever happened to you? It seems to be a trend in our industry. Rumors fly, people wonder what is happening and then the focus goes outside of their own business performance.

The reality of the situation though is this: If you are not building your network marketing business…you ARE quitting.

I know that may sound harsh, but the best lesson you can learn in your business is to be consistent and constantly improve. If you go all out one month and then take off for the next 5 without adding anyone to your business, you are quitting. If you don’t show your people that you are adding to their team regularly, you are quitting. If you don’t provide training and feedback to your up and coming leaders you are quitting. You are quitting on them and you are quitting on yourself.

So how do you keep showing that you are “all in”? How do you overcome those times where you just don’t FEEL like picking up the phone one more time?

It is the development of good habits, the inoculation against the bad things that inevitably come, the endurance that comes from doing that one last task on your list for the day. Remember that it is FAR better to build this business fast. Slow seems like a long painful journey. Fast is fun and contagious!

Put your fears aside. What is the worst that can happen? Someone says, “NO!” Believe me, you will come to appreciate emphatic NOs far more than you ever will the maybes and the wishy washy people that sign up to be on your team but then never do anything but take your time up.

Get out there and PROVE you are NEVER QUITTING! Don’t ever let that rumor be about YOU.

Bossy Redhead OUT!

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4 Comments on Heard You Are Quitting

    • MichelleDeMarco

      Yes Carl, it is an awesome tool. If you sign up with my link above I will be able to guide you through the system and help you to know how to use it properly. I absolutely love it – it has grown my business tremendously. :)

  1. Nice post.

    It makes sense that in a world where other people are getting better and you are standing still you are actually in effect moving backwards.

    I don’t plan on quitting before I’ve reached my goals.

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