How many more times?

Time. Perspective. Urgency.

These are the topics I was thinking about when I was driving to California last week. I packed on a ton of Jim Rohn audio so that I could fill my head with positive thoughts and something that he said really resonated with me. He said stop thinking in terms of YEARS.

We tend to think “Oh I have 50 more years to take vacations, or 20 more years of expected good health…” Think of whatever it is that you want to do in your life – and how we put it in terms of years. Jim Rohn tells us to think instead of how many more times do you have the opportunity to do something.

For example if you love going to the mountains for a week every year for vacation, realize that you have only X more TIMES to be able to do that thing. You have only X more times to celebrate your childrens’ birthdays, or X more times to visit your family. Do you see what perspective that gives?

Time goes quickly whether we want it to or not.

When I sit down with a prospect, I talk about their hopes and dreams. I ask questions about what they hope to accomplish in their lifetime. Usually, the people I talk to have really big dreams…it is just that they don’t know how to achieve them and they don’t really understand how fast time goes by so that before we know it we have a lifetime of unfulfilled goals behind us.

My wish for every single person reading this, is that you embrace the amount of TIMES you have in your life to do something. Instill the urgency of that understanding in your soul….and fight as though your life depends on it to make those things you want to do happen.

Network Marketing? It is the TOOL…the BEST tool to accomplish the goals we have in our lives. It is the BEST way to create wealth quickly for the average person so that we can start really living our lives.

Don’t let the word “years” fool you into thinking we have a lot of time on this earth. It is fleeting. I don’t know any senior person who says “Wow that took forever to turn 80.” No – my grandmother is 89 and she can tell you first hand how very very fast those years went.

So then, my dear friend, please – take your business very seriously, work diligently and relentlessly each and every day so that you can achieve the freedom you need in your life to do all of the things you want to do in your life. Every minute is precious.

How many more TIMES will you put off truly engaging in your business? Light a fire in your belly and claim your future starting right now!

Bossy Redhead OUT!

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  1. Nice post.
    I’m in my 20′s and it’s eay to think I’ll live “forever” but of course I might not be here next week, live life to the full and you should have no regrets.

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