Incentive Trips | Top Reasons Why You Need To Be On Them

Incentive Trips in MLM | Top Reasons Why You Need To Be On Them

I am in a mastermind group with other top leaders and I brought up the fact that I just qualified for my primary company’s vacation incentive trip this June. We discussed how crucial it is that everyone puts their incentive trips down as a goal in their mlm. Here’s My Top Reasons Why You Need To Be On Your Incentive Trip:

1. You get a FREE vacation. I’m sorry…this is numero uno. Let me say it again: YOU GET A FREE VACATION. Does anything else ever give you a FREE vacation??? If you have held down a J-O-B, did your boss send you on an all expense paid vacation just for doing your job? I highly doubt it. Yet, with mlm, you have at least one trip a year (with mine it is two) that is paid for as long as you do the bare minimum of achieving a set number of sales/enrollees.

2. You get to hang out with the top producers in your company. Hey, you obviously have some great skills to make a trip right? But how about learning some new ones? Typically when you spend time with the best of the best, you walk away with some great new information. Not to mention, making friends with other influencial leaders. This will take your business to the next level.

3. You are teaching your team how to be a leader in the industry. Let’s face it, if you aren’t on the trips, your team isn’t going to think of you as a true leader. You always have to show that you are an achiever to motivate your people to become leaders.

4. You take some amazing photos of YOU in a very relaxing and awesome place. Think of the attraction value of that alone. Hey, I work at the beach, how’s that job flipping burgers? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to make others feel badly – rather it is a true motivator to get people to realize what they COULD be living, not the hum drum Office Space mentality that so many people have.

5. Meeting your company’s executives. This for me is a big one. I love being able to talk to the people that run the company. Sometimes, it really gets me motivated to push even farther. People who start network marketing companies are special. They have enormous hearts and vision.

Here is your video for the day with my two cents:

One of the reasons I like to tell people to get on their incentive trips is because the requirements are very straight forward. This gives you and your team something very specific to aim towards. You don’t need to wonder what you need to accomplish, you know exactly what it is.

The biggest reason you truly want to be on your incentive trip, is that it forces you to DO THE WORK that is required to grow your business. Getting on the trip is just the gravy. You will be shocked and very pleased at how that paycheck rises when you achieve that simple goal. Getting a free vacation? Heck, that is almost too much of a reward. ;)

So make sure you set the goal of being on your network marketing company’s incentive trips. You will be amazed at how something so simple will transform your business!

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  1. I could use a vacation!!!! This is a great article about setting goals and achieving them. Rewards are great in Network Marketing.

  2. Great video, well said!! I truly believe the survival rate of those in any business, thrives on the ability to be around their leaders, learning what they did for success. And plus, that accessibility lets you also see the integrity of your company from the inside!

    Not many opportunities out there like that, when one happens to work for someone else.
    :) Thanks Michelle

  3. Wow, all very great points. When you put it like that why would ANYONE not strive to make their trip. I really love your first point: Where else will a company send you on vacation for doing what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing anyway! :D Nice.

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