How do you become successful in network marketing? Initiative

There are many secrets to success in network marketing. Sometimes you will hear that it is one thing or another. But I’ve been around long enough to see that there is definitely one quality that everyone I know who is a seven or 8 figure earner has….and that is INITIATIVE.

InitiativeHere is the definition:



an introductory act or step; leading action: to take the initiative in making friends.
readiness and ability in initiating action; enterprise:
one’s personal, responsible decision: to act on one’s own initiative.

More than anything in life, if you don’t take that first action step to achieve your goal you will not find yourself doing much of anything except what you are doing right now.

Here are some good questions to help you gauge where you are in the Initiative Scale:

  • Do you wait around for your sponsor to call you?
  • Or do you just get busy learning about your business?
  • Do you honestly seek out at least two new leads per day, or do you complain that your business isn’t growing?
  • Do you constantly ask questions before doing some research?
  • Do you take the bull by the horns and just start looking for answers on Google or YouTube?
  • Have you gone through every inch of your back office in your network marketing business?

How you answered those questions will tell you a lot about your habits. The great news is that bad habits can be changed, attitudes can be reformed.

This came to mind because Arianna, my daughter who won Yanik Silver’s Young Entrepreneur’s Scholarship this year has been steadily building her businesses in preparation of buying the things she will need and want as well as achieving her goal of paying cash for her college education. She has recently started a new business specifically called “My Business Pays For College.” Her dream is to help other young would be entrepreneurs to find a way to pay for their college educations too. With the economic times being so difficult, why would young people of today want to get themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt when they are just starting out in life?

I thought her idea was awesome (not just because that will mean I won’t have to foot the bill for college) – the amount of kids she could help achieve their college bound dreams could be huge! So I gave her a little space on the web server and said “Go For It!!”

Less than a week later, I looked over her shoulder at this beautiful website, intrigued at what she was doing…and lo and behold there was HER website, already set up and running!!! What!?! How did she do this? ~I~ am the IT guru in the family….how did she set all this up without my help? Ridiculous! I asked her “How did you do that?” and she replied, “I just figured it out.” Wow! What a pleasure!
My Business Pays For College

Then I thought, THAT is the stuff that success is made of. Having an idea and ACTING on it, figuring things out, trying something even if it has to be tweaked a little. So remember that when all is said and done, it is the people that have a dream that take one, or two, or maybe even three steps a day towards realizing their goals….that earn the rewards of success. As a sponsor, I look for peole with initiative. People who go out and take action are far more likely to get my time than people I see posting random comments all day on Facebook – know what I mean?

What can you do right now to earn another lead? another click? another customer? Take action my friends. Type INITIATIVE on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall. Don’t wait around for someone to SHOW you what to do, figure it out!!! What can YOU do? I bet you have everything you need to start your journey right now. See you at the top my friends!!!

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  1. Right on Michelle! Everyone I have also observed in life who is successful takes initiative – and they’re successful on all levels…..happiness, health, relationships, financial…good habits across the board.

    Besides – when one does take initiative – they’re too busy to complain!!

  2. Nice advice.
    I think it’s important to understand that you are in control of your own destiny, so make it happen.

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