It’s NOT Going to Be EASY

The Bossy Redhead is back…with some serious talk on what it’s going to take…

You’re in Network Marketing. Why? Are you in business for yourself to make a couple of hundred bucks a week? Well, then this article may not be for you. I’m writing this for the people that want to get to 7 figures in Network Marketing. Not 6 figures, not high 5 figures….SEVEN FIGURES. So I’m going to give you a minute to ponder that…and if you want to quietly excuse yourself, you may do so at this time….



Okay. Still here?

So you want this to be YOU?

network marketing success

Wow, now I’m impressed. You are one of the rare ones. You should be very proud. See, here’s the thing, most people do NOT have the DESIRE or DRIVE to want to be a leader in this industry. Most people treat their business like a hobby. But not you…I can see that you want more for your life. You want more for your family and friends.

People are attracted to PASSION. People are attracted to LEADERS.

You simply MUST be willing to go all out, do more than you have ever done before if you want to propel your business into the 7 figure realm.

Success in business doesn’t require some top secret know-how, or tons of dollars. Success in network marketing actually comes from VERY simple steps done consistently and intensely over time.

It’s NOT going to be EASY. It’s going to be hard…probably harder than anything else you’ve ever done. Are you willing to give this business your ALL? The FIRST step though, is to admit – no – to CLAIM your desire to achieve top status in this industry.

You have done that by reading this article.

Are you ready to achieve your goal?

Bossy Redhead OUT!

Michelle DeMarco
THE Bossy Redhead
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  1. AMEN! Ready to bloom! Bring on the watering can :D

  2. Michelle
    I was highly impressed with this article because you tell it like it is….there is no hype about it being easy…you certainly stress the point that it can be done because you and many others are doing it…you also stress that it won’t be easy….I have found that out and have left the game temporarily at times but I am still in and trying….I recently joined mlsp to try to become better at marketing and get my primary business going… I actually got your name from Craig Holiday ( I think that’s right) after I started trying to market team beachbody….in one of his facebook posts he suggested you and I started following you. Anyway…excellent article

    p.s. My sense of humor will come back I promise….I do have one

  3. I sometimes feel like I’m not improving quickly enough, even though I am actually improving.
    Thanks for this post.

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