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The Drive For Connection | A continuation in my series about The Charge by Brendon Burchard

We have five more drives to cover in my series about The Charge. This week, I want to highlight Chapter 6 which was about The Drive For Connection.

Think about this for a moment: Why is Network Marketing so popular with so many entrepreneurs? We could all choose to sell widgets or bicycles or just do affiliate marketing right? But no, we choose Network Marketing. I personally believe it is because of the connections we forge with those people on our teams and the people we service as our customers.

As humans we are driven to want to be significant in other people’s lives. I first heard that from my mentor Craig Holiday – that more than anything we want to be significant in the lives of others. More than money, more than fame, we want to be significant. We want to be a PART of something…something bigger than we could ever do alone.

The Drive For Connection

But what is the quality of those connections and what do we need to do to make sure that we value the connections that really mean something vs. the ones that we should not be spending so much time on? Here is a perfect quote from the chapter on this:

“We all want to feel connected to those around us. The challenge in our modern society is that, thanks to social media, we are more connected to more people than ever before, but those connections are more superficial than ever.”

Does that ring true to you? Wow I could really see how that has become so true in many of our lives! Especially in Network Marketing or Referral Marketing as it is sometimes called. I see so many people start out in Network Marketing that just go out willy nilly and try to create connections…without thought as to the QUALITY of those connections. They end up spending far too long trying to get that one person to sign up for their business instead of going out and making friends with people, instead of providing VALUE to others.

Part of that, I believe is because of the quality of our personal relationships. If we have great connections with the people who matter in our lives, then we tend not to be so needy in our business.

Brendon Burchard gives some great exercises in the chapter about how to find the true connections in your life that will make you feel more alive and happy.

Burchard says, “You Get What You Look For.” How true is that? We must identify our ideal connections FIRST before we go in search of them.

What kind of team mates do you want? Do you want responsible, excited, driven people? Do you want friendly and outgoing people? Do you want great leaders? This is what you need to document for yourself and you look to expand your team. Stop going out trying to “convince.” Stop LOOKING at all…and start attracting. You attract people into your life based on what you project!

This chapter is great for pointing out that we need to be very careful about the people we surround ourselves with. There are some pointed questions about whom your friends are and what your relationships look like.

I love this quote:

“Strategically make the choice today to start surrounding yourself with remarkable friends who help lift your life to the level of energy and potential you know it has.”

Remember if you want to be a champion, you must start hanging out with champions.

I believe this is a huge part of achieving success in Network Marketing. I know when I started cultivating friendships with those people who were like me: driven, enthusiastic, and caring, my business really started to take off. I know if you have a group of people that push each other to do more, to be more, you will find yourself reaching new pinnacles in your business that you might not even have thought possible.

The beauty is that then you get to turn around and do the same thing for your team. You teach your team members to grow and change – and lives are transformed!!! What an incredible business we have, I never cease to be grateful for it!

Make sure you get The Charge if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think of The Drive For Connection when you get to it! Send me a message on my FanPage! Tell me how you’re improving your connections!

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  1. “You Get What You Look For.” Now that’s a statement that can be applied to many facets of our lives. It reminds me of the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” which was a favorite maxim of my Da’s. He used it to caution us, as children, to choose our friends wisely, so that we would be productive of only that which is good.

    It is just as important in choosing those who will be on our network marketing teams. As people of energy, enthusiasm, and innovation, we want to be helpful to as many people as we can reach, but our overriding energies in building a team are best devoted to looking for those “birds of a feather.”

  2. Our intentions when dealing with other humans are less likely to be contrived when don’t need someone, instead we want someone.

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