Rejecting the Fear of Rejection

Rejection: Show me anyone who is successful in Network Marketing and I will show you someone who has been rejected a LOT.

What makes one person resilient enough to keep going vs. someone who gives up after several rejections? In my opinion it is commitment. The commitment to not giving up.


I always counsel new network marketers that they have to think of how they work in terms of a sales job. Yes, I know we don’t get into business for ourselves to have a “J-O-B” but what most people don’t realize is that in the beginning you really have to treat your business as if it were a job. If you had a sales job and knew you would be fired if you didn’t get leads every day, wouldn’t you make sure you got them? Yet time and time again I see people sign up for a network marketing opportunity and not go out and get leads each and every day or… even once a week.

Why? Because people don’t like rejection. They don’t want to have to be told no. They don’t want to hear “is this one of those pyramid things?” or “sounds like a Ponzi scheme” – WHATEVER. Cut me a break people. This is the 20 teens. New millionaires emerge every single day from the amaze sauce that is our business.

If you want to be an excuse maker, then you will find yourself one of those people who puts down network marketing because they couldn’t get it to produce an income. I promise you, the underlying reason for failure is a lack of desire and effort.

When you want to succeed more than you fear rejection, that is when you will see the tides turn.

The way we have to approach rejection is that it is a stepping stone to freedom. I say bring it! I’m rejecting that rejection is a negative. I will keep going until I hear a yes every day….several yeses. Once you get on a roll, you will be surprised at how much easier it gets.

The next thing to remember is that success begets success. People want to follow a proven leader. You will find that as you grow your business, suddenly the rejections don’t matter any more, they become less and less and people seek YOU out. So it is just a matter of getting out there and doing the initial legwork.

Inoculate yourself again rejection – expect it, welcome it and then see its place in your business – a necessary part of achieving your goals.

Today’s assignment: Think about your feelings in regards to rejection. Do you honestly go out in search of new customers/leads every day? What is your reaction when you get a rejection? Are there things you need to improve about your prospecting? Have you invested in your education on how to recruit? Send me an email or tell me on my FanPage what your answers are!

Tomorrow tune in for The Bossy Redhead’s Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Rejection!

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  1. I don’t like rejection, but I do think it’s important to your success in business.
    Sometimes your goal isn’t to sponsor everybody, it’s to sponsor the right people, people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

    When you look at it this way rejection is OK as it may help you to find your real target market.
    Remember that.

    Have a good day everyone.

  2. I saw an article is Success magazine, which stated that you should celebrate your No’s as that means you are closer to the next Yes. Great post. Thanks, Bill

  3. If you are not willing to face rejection, you just can’t ever achieve the top levels of success! Great article!

  4. Network Marketing is the best business in the world. The people who can overcome their fears to help change lives are the ones who can achieve their dreams.

  5. I struggle with my own perceptions of rejection…but once I get past it I’m always happy I did! I love watching my team grow as I develop as a leader!

  6. I’m more comfortable with it than I used to be; it’s like you said – repetition! Great Post :)

  7. Michelle,

    Great post. I like Bill’s comment..”you should celebrate your No’s as that means you are closer to the next Yes”…so true.

    I just figure when they say NO..they just don’t get it. They don’t get the industry. They don’t get they have the power to change their own life. They just aren’t a good fit anyway.


  8. You are so right about people, me included, signing up with a network marketing business and only spending a minimal amount of time generating business because of the fear of failure or rejection. Looking forward to tomorrow’s tips on how to overcome this fear.

  9. Rejection sucks, but you really need to change how you think of it. It’s one thing I’m working on constantly. Thinking of rejection as growth, something to learn from and make you better. You don’t learn anything from success, you learn everything from failure.

  10. Michelle, I think that rejection was, and still sometimes is, one of the hardest things for me to overcome. I like how you have said that “the way we have to approach rejection is that it is a stepping stone to freedom”. I need to keep going until I too hear several yes’s a day and still keep on going…..

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