Review of The Charge | Introduction

The Bossy Redhead’s review of The Charge: Introduction

The Charge: I love the quote before the book even starts:

“We are always getting ready to live, but never living.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Already I can tell I need this book. I’ve been told so many times by my kids “Mom you work so much.” I know I spend far too many hours in front of a screen. I turn the page and the Prologue starts with the words “Out There” Hmmmm. I have not been “Out There” much lately.
One of the reasons I love Brendon Burchard, is that you can just tell he is someone who lives his life to the fullest. You can see that he loves what he does, that he cherishes his family, his friends, his work. So I pay close attention as I read about how so many of us have gotten caught up in boredom, in routine, in being less than we are meant to be.

The introduction of The Charge is a call to action.

To find that internal CHARGE…the one that makes us feel alive and fulfilled. I write in the margin of the intro “You have no excuse in these days and times to NOT challenge yourself to accomplish every last dream and goal.” How true that is. We ALL live in amazingly blessed times.

Abundance is Everywhere
Well, you wouldn’t know it by watching the news, or checking out the latest gossip on Yahoo. If that is your window to the world, then for sure, times seem bleak indeed. But let me share that I don’t watch the news and never know what is going on in the gossip columns unless my friends mention something (I just found out yesterday that Katie and Tom are splitting up) or my daughter, whom I endearingly refer to as the informer, clues me in.

Burchard talks about how we live in an “abundant culture” and if you think about it – really we don’t want for much in this world. We should be ecstatic with the level of wealth we have, when just 100 years ago, the sheer amount of physical labor that was required to get normal chores done was so much more, anyone born in the 60’s and up really have never experienced the same sort of challenges previous generations had.

But through this abundance, we have short changed ourselves because now, we are bored, we live routine lives and we start looking for problems because we are programmed in our DNA to be problem solvers. By reading through, I discover that it is not enough to work hard, but rather we must work DELIBERATELY AND CONSCIOUSLY toward creating a vibrant and exciting life.

Burchard quotes Virgil “Death twitches my ear. ‘Live,’ he says, ‘I am coming.’”

What does that make you think about? We are all headed for the same end. No one is spared. No one is immortal (except the Cullens.) Hah, but the point should hit home – we have only one go ‘round. Don’t you want your life to be JAM PACKED with deliciousness? With meaning? With joy? With love?

My little 6 year old came up to me the other day and said “Mommy, life is HARD!” I had to try not to giggle because she was being very serious. And to her, the challenges she was facing WERE hard, but in reality, life is hard for all of us. I don’t know anyone who woke up in Perfectville, lived a perfect life, and is just living a blissful ideal experience.

Burchard is telling us to consciously shift our attention and INTENTION to live the life we desire. It is a choice- and I remember thinking, if the REST of this book is as good as the intro, I’m going to feel like a new person by the end!

Excited to start a new chapter? Me too! Come along on the journey through The Charge with me! I want to hear what YOU think about it! Stay tuned as I review Chapter 1 tomorrow! Click Here for the next part!

Bossy Redhead OUT!

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13 thoughts on “Review of The Charge | Introduction”

  1. As humans we all go through bad experiences: relationship break ups, death of loves ones & failing exams.
    However just because your life isn’t “perfect” it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good.

    Just by reading this it shows that you have access to information and that you can understand English.
    Two highly desired skills wanted by lots of humans on Planet Earth.
    Life is OK, don’t you forget that.

    Thrive for more.

  2. I love how you applied the concept of the book even before reading it to it’s last page. I really resonated with “To find that internal CHARGE…the one that makes us feel alive and fulfilled”. I too live in front of the screen all to much…I need to live more and on purpose. Thinking this will be my next book!

    1. Thanks Carla! I agree we must get away from the screens in our lives! I highly recommend the book – I hope you like it as much as I did!

  3. Hi Michelle. Really enjoyed reading this post. I totally agree with you – We ALL live in amazingly blessed times and ..we must work DELIBERATELY AND CONSCIOUSLY toward creating a vibrant and exciting life. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

  4. Great Review, Michelle!

    Brendon’s book is amazing! I read the Intro more than once because it was so insightful! Like you, I was once also, in front of the computer and on the phone to the point where the kids mocked me. LOL!! Now that I focus more on BEING instead of DOING I feel a lot more “CHARGED”! Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to more!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell

  5. Michelle, thanks for this review. I haven’t gotten this book yet, but I will!
    “Burchard is telling us to consciously shift our attention and INTENTION to live the life we desire. It is a choice” resonated with me . It is a choice isn’t it??

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