13 Comments on Rider Down | A Lesson In Disappointment, Failure and Crossing That Finishing Line

  1. Very inspiring story, and an awesome lesson for us. How great is it that at such a young age she already gets one of success’ most important principles. As long as she remembers this, she’ll go far!

    • MichelleDeMarco

      Thanks Kyle – I agree…I’m so impressed with this girl’s attitude. We all need to be able to get back up after challenges no matter how hard they seem.

    • MichelleDeMarco

      Thanks Lisa…this is a scary sport for sure – but nothing good comes without risk right? I learn something new from these awesome girls every day!!!

  2. Great example. I think most of us have told our children or our friends to get up, brush it off, and try again, but it is hard to take this advice. I used to coach high school speech & debate. Every year I told my student they would win some rounds they should have lost and lose some rounds they should have won. It isn’t perfectly fair, but overall it tends to even out. Sometime I feel this is happening in my business. Something that should have gone smoothly or been profitable won’t. But other times I’m surprised when something almost impossible goes well. The difference is that I take the failures personally. I need to be more like the rider you describe and remember there will always be next week.

  3. Wow, very appropriate – you’re injecting life’s lessons of the Charge right here in the blog as you go, I love it! She’s a Winner – because of her attitude. The act of winning that competition didn’t happen today but her defining character of winning did. I’m going through Brendon’s book too – so much comes down to our attitude, not so much about what happens to us – but our attitude in dealing with it :) TY for sharing – she’ll be fine. Maybe a sundae to top the day off?

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Oh boy, what a powerful message, for those of us that have struggled a great deal in our business and those that are still struggling. I know for a fact when I started my own consulting business it was “Rough” (notice a capital R). I felt like I wanted to give up, like I could not do it, but you know what, I was not going to give up, and knew what happened to me “today” will not last forever.

    Just as your story shares, there is always tomorrow, next week, next month and so on, giving up is not an option. Getting better, practicing more, obtaining more knowledge and having a winning attitude is what gets you towards success.

    Great post! Love the story! Keep them coming!

  5. Michelle, thanks so much for sharing this inspiring story! We all fall down in life. It is what you do afterwards that makes the difference. Do we let it stop us, or do we dust ourselves off and keep going? Me, I’m going to shake the dust from my shoes and keep on keepin’ on…

  6. Sometimes when you really enjoy something (such as horse riding) you develop an extra bit of courage that normally isn’t there.

    Partly the reason why people advise you to do something you love.

    She probably will succed the next time.

  7. I think that one thing people constantly miss is that you NEED to fall to grow, and you need to try again. I love reading all the comments on your posts, there are a lot of great people out there with wonderful insights and I love how you spur us all to think.

  8. Very inspiring story. And the moral is: There are always going to be things that come up, get in the way, cause us to stumble; get up, get back on the horse, and preserveer. *If you get knocked down 9 times, get up 10 times and you win*

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