Self Made Richard Branson

Virgin Trains owner lives to rise again another day.

Today Richard Branson released a blog on about his state-of-the-art train company losing a bid to be the provider of England’s West Coast line.

Branson wrote, “The Government decision to award the West Coast Main Line Franchise to FirstGroup is extremely disappointing for Virgin, and for our staff that have worked so hard to transform this railway over the last 15 years. We submitted a strong and deliverable bid based on improving customers’ experience, increased investment and sustained innovation. To have bid more would have involved dramatic cuts to customer quality and considerable fare rises which we were unwilling to entertain.”

Even a visionary like Richard Branson has bad days. But clearly he didn’t become a self made billionaire by taking his lumps lying down.

I was perusing Wine Spectator (I just read it for the articles) recently and saw this full page ad:

Richard Branson Virgin Group's Fearless Leader
Self Made. Yep, that’s me. That’s you.

What is the difference between Richard Branson and the rest of us? Perhaps vision, belief, a relentless desire to innovate. Perhaps it is only the size of the dream. One thing is for sure, that he was just a regular guy that decided to go after his dream…. a dream that never stopped changing. With so many companies in his empire, he is clearly not one to rest on his laurels.

When I read Branson’s blog today, it made me feel badly that a company that clearly has the customer’s needs in mind was not chosen to be the public transit provider, but it also gave me hope. If a billionaire can have bad days, then clearly we can pick ourselves up and keep going. You know what they say, big money, bigger problems.

It may be a not so great day in the Virgin Train arena, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine greater things, shoot for the stars! I’m sure that is why I’m such a fan of Virgin Galactic. Remember that the next time you have challenges. None of us are immune. We can all move forward, change plans and live to triumph another day. I’m sure the Virgin Franchise led by the guy with the big hairy goals, will do the same.

Virgin Galactic

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  1. This is a great story to remember on one of those bad days. Sometimes it may come down to just putting one foot in front of the other, but the important thing is to refocus and keep going.
    Thanks, Michelle!

  2. I’m sure Richard Branson will learn from this and become even better in the future.
    We can all learn from this too, success is a journey not a destination.

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