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My Review of The Charge continues!

Today I’m hitting Chapter 1. So why did I decide to do a chapter by chapter review? Well – to be honest this book is worth it. I am trying to get as many of my readers to get this book as I can. I feel it is THAT important.

Very often when I read, I devour a book very quickly. This was not true of The Charge. I had to take it chapter by chapter, sit and think a while as well as answer the questions that Burchard leaves us at the end of each chapter.

Chapter 1 was just setting the stage for what I think is the most transforming book of the year. Burchard addresses the three types of lives we could lead: The Caged Life, The Comfortable Life or The Charged Life (guess which one he is encouraging us to have.)
Chapter 1 | The Charge
Through the chapter you are invited to reflect on the life you are living and identify the areas you might be lacking. Are you asking yourself questions like “Am I living my truth and actualizing my potential?” or “Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?” – that’s a good one. I believe Chapter 1 is our wake up call. It is time to be honest with ourselves and to see how easy it is to slip into some sort of routine, less than lively existence.

When you read the 7 most common attributes of “Chargers” as Burchard refers to the most vibrant group of people, you can see exactly where you might need to make some changes in your life. They key, Burchard tells us, is DECIDING that we want the Charged life. He makes it clear that he is going to guide us down the road of starting anew and recognizing what we need to become to realize the “10 Human Drives.”

One of the things I realized after reading this chapter is that I have a tendency to take on too many obligations. This really wasn’t news to me, but I have such a heart for people, I see where I can help and the next thing I know I’m volunteering for something I really don’t have time for. That is definitely going to CHANGE!

It was kind of neat to see that I have a lot of the characteristics of a “Charger” – phew, I was thinking I was going to have to overhaul my entire life! My guess is that you have a lot of those traits too. Now let’s see what we can tweak to maximize our potential!!!

Read the book? Share what you answered to the questions in Chapter 1 below!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog –Read the next part of The Charge Review NOW! Click Here.

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1 thought on “Start Anew | The Charge Review”

  1. I guess he wants us to live the charged life!

    If I’m honest I know I can do more, achieve more and generally be a better person although I’ve done a lot of good things as well.

    I think when you know yourself you’ll have a greater understanding of your “purpose” so you can go out and do things now, not tomorrow or next week.


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