The Charge | Chapter 4 Review | The Drive For Congruence

The Charge Chapter 4 is about the human drive for congruence.

We now resume our regularly scheduled program. After being completely swept up in Craig’s Rhino Renegade Launch, I am now able to come up for air. I am returning to the series about The Charge because I believe so strongly in the message of this book.

I love the first sentence of Chapter 4: “Twenty-five minutes is all I have with Michelle.” Oh how I WISH I could get 25 minutes with Brendon Burchard and I am sure, one day I will. But for now, I can only imagine what that must be like, sitting with an 8 figure+ earner who is filled with vitality, determination and a strong desire to help others.

Burchard asks this particular Michelle “Is it possible that there is a more unique, bold, exciting, and expressive person in there?” My mind says, “UH NO, Brendon, there isn’t – not sure the world could handle MORE of my excitingness and boldness.” But then there would be no story so I read on. Burchard continues to crack open the reason this successful, bright, beautiful young woman (no I swear he is not talking about moi), is not happy even though she seems to have everything she could have wanted. What he uncovers is that she doesn’t think of herself as successful even though she is.
Woman thinking poorly of herself
“How we think of ourselves (our self-image) and how we behave in accordance with that image in the real world is the stuff of congruence.”

What is interesting is that for MOST people he points out that they are congruent in how SMALL they think of themselves – they think small and act small.

The point is that “our self image is a self fulfilling prophecy.” Boy do I get this. Like most people I’ve been on a roller coaster journey. From being extremely confident and successful in my youth to having moments of complete failure and I mean COMPLETE failure and doubt, to coming full circle and reclaiming my destiny being 100% certain of who I am and what I’m meant to be and do.

This doesn’t come easily for most people, but Burchard makes very good suggestions in how to understand how you feel about yourself and then provides ways to make sure you continue to live life the way you think you are capable of. He asks you to come up with your own words to describe your ideal self, and make those the road map for how you behave.

One of the most helpful points of this chapter was Activator #2 “Set Your Mood Meter.” So often we let our moods dictate what we accomplish throughout the day. Of course, if we are in a bad mood, as you can imagine, not a lot is going to get done. It is important to keep our mood positive and energetic to be truly productive – especially if we are in business for ourselves. He provides ways to keep your mood positive all day long.

Woman wishing she lived  a different lifeDon’t be like the woman in this picture, living one way but wishing to be another person. Be the person you truly know yourself to be inside. The results of implementing the activators in this chapter is that you will end up being stronger and equipped to handle the tasks you must accomplish to grow in your life, in your relationships and your business. When you live in congruence of your self image with your actions, you will feel ready to take on the world. It is a turning of the tide.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make some concrete changes in your life. The chapter will have you set some commitments that will be markers for you to see just what you are capable of. I know you will love the challenge of this topic!

Come back tomorrow for Chapter 5!

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  1. “The point is that “our self image is a self fulfilling prophecy” So very, very true. If I say I cant then I can’t. If I say I can then I will. Thanks for the reminder Michelle

  2. Thank you for going through the chapters of such an amazing read.. You’re like our personal cliff notes! Great insights in this chapter =)

  3. LOVE it LOVE IT!!! I have no doubt you will be meeting Brendon Burchard one day – as I will too! Wow, what an eye opener and so true! Remember that show “What not to wear?” on tlc? Ever notice how people dressed as they felt? It took someone else to see their beauty and offering to the world…but it always started with “When you look good, ya feel good!” Or a new haircut, spa visit – it all makes us feel new and that’s a great start to taking on that “big” transition feeling. I’m finding the more we challenge ourselves, the more contribution we feel we can share – and it leads to that “on top of the mountain feeling” – which is always contagious! Thank you my dear friend – glad to be on this journey with you!

  4. Nice post Michelle.

    I think once you know the “true” you that is when you are able to unleash your ability into the world.

  5. Wow, Michelle. This sentence really stood out for me “What is interesting is that for MOST people he points out that they are congruent in how SMALL they think of themselves – they think small and act small.” . I am capable of so much more!

  6. “Our self image is a self fulfilling prophecy.” Too true. We’ve got to learn to believe in ourselves and stick with it.

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