The Charge

6 Comments on The Charge | Chapter 4 Review | The Drive For Congruence

  1. “The point is that “our self image is a self fulfilling prophecy” So very, very true. If I say I cant then I can’t. If I say I can then I will. Thanks for the reminder Michelle

  2. LOVE it LOVE IT!!! I have no doubt you will be meeting Brendon Burchard one day – as I will too! Wow, what an eye opener and so true! Remember that show “What not to wear?” on tlc? Ever notice how people dressed as they felt? It took someone else to see their beauty and offering to the world…but it always started with “When you look good, ya feel good!” Or a new haircut, spa visit – it all makes us feel new and that’s a great start to taking on that “big” transition feeling. I’m finding the more we challenge ourselves, the more contribution we feel we can share – and it leads to that “on top of the mountain feeling” – which is always contagious! Thank you my dear friend – glad to be on this journey with you!

  3. Wow, Michelle. This sentence really stood out for me “What is interesting is that for MOST people he points out that they are congruent in how SMALL they think of themselves – they think small and act small.” . I am capable of so much more!

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