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11 Comments on The Charge Review | Chapter 3 | The Drive For Competence

  1. Sometimes in life we get unstuck, we feel useless.
    However when you have these feelings look to your family & friends for support.
    Do they think your “useless” probably not.

    Then why do you think that?
    Nowadays if you don’t know something you can generally learn it quickly by looking for solutions online.
    Take some time to relax and consider your options before deciding that you’re “useless”.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Michelle.

    This is perfect timing because last few day I was brain storming exactly what area I want to learn as much as possible. I finally figured it out, you see what happens is when you have too many choices it is not easy.

    So, this is perfect advise – Create your “Winning List” – then decide what areas you really want to push yourself to become more competent in. Pick the most important thing and then stick with it, learning everything you can until you feel satisfied that you are a leader in that area.

    Love what he said “STICK WITH IT” – that is the other challenge, with all the information and shiny objects around us. I guess as you said, if you pick an area that’ll set us on fire!

    Love this Michelle.


  3. GREAT POST Michelle! Love it! I think sometimes it is hard to think of ourselves as successful – even though to another we may be…we have our hang ups, etc and so often those hang ups keep us from moving forward! Brendon is right – one doesn’t have to go huge…just do something different to make you grow. I just finished Adam Chandler and Jordon Schultz’ training and they pointed out something great: “You’re an expert at something, find it!” Doesn’t mean you have to know it inside out, forwards, backwards – what you know is more than someone else who may be struggling 3 steps behind. As you grow, they grow too and you both can go up together” 🙂

  4. “One of the main takeaways of this part of the book was that we should not attempt to learn something that doesn’t set us on fire. We also don’t need to become a rocket scientist.” WOW, I loved that and perhaps our indication of procrastination is a true revealer of what our true love is and isn’t.

  5. I like the idea of building on our strengths in order to develop confidence and competence. However, I’m struggling to reconcile this with the general education requirements we see in high schools and most colleges. As a counselor I’ve spent years telling students they must give other subjects a try, approach them with an open mind, and learn the basics which may be building blocks to future courses of greater interest.

    To what extent should we require a broad general foundation in education and at what point should we promote specialization? If more teens were “on fire” about what they learn in school, we might have fewer low performing schools and more interest in higher education.

    • MichelleDeMarco

      Wow I totally agree with you Megan!!!! I wish there was a way to help our kids WANT to learn and grow. Certainly a problem worth tackling!!!

  6. Michelle, I liked when you said “we all need to realize just how much we have already learned and accomplished in our lives. We all have incredible achievements to feel proud of.”
    Sometimes when I am so busy learning, implementing and struggling I know that I don’t give myself enough credit for how far I have already come.

  7. Phenomenal Article, Michelle!!

    I love the part about…”We all need to realize just how much we have already learned and accomplished in our lives!”

    Many times we get so caught up in accomplishing the next goal that we don’t take the time to celebrate the wins that we’ve already achieved! Adding that celebration in our life will always have us working from a position of strength! Thanks For Sharing!!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell

  8. Great post! Create your “Winning List” – then decide what areas you really want to push yourself to become more competent in. Oh latest task is all SEO. To me it’s The “Holy Grail” of high quality web traffic and leads. The only downside it won’t happen overnight and there is a learning curve.

    “We all need to realize just how much we have already learned and accomplished in our lives” when I talk to my friends and others in this industry..I realize how much I Do know already in regards to SEO and just need to keep tweaking!

    Thanks Michelle.


  9. Michelle,

    I like the idea of creating a winning list. You need to find your passion and outsource all the other things to those that can do it. Just understand what it is you want to accomplish before you turn it over to someone else. You don’t actually need to know how to do it.


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