What Drives Us? | The Charge Review Continued

The Charge – A Review Series

Today I’m tackling Chapter 2 of The Charge by Brendon Burchard. The Drive For Control.

What drives us?

Well Section one of The Charge is about the first 5 of the 10 Human Drives.

We all have a human drive for control.

As a control freak(ish) person, I was not surprised at this at all, but what I found interesting is that Burchard tells us – yes, we can’t control a LOT in our lives. But there are many things we can do to control the way we experience life. A simple example would be to eliminate as much negative in our lives as we can.

Here is a tip I highly recommend you implement in your life, especially if you are in network marketing. This is something I’ve heard time and time again throughout my life as I’ve learned about how to live a rewarding and joyful life. I remember years ago, reading one of Dr. Andrew Weil’s books and he talked about doing a “news fast.” Why? Because we tend to feel more and more OUT of control when all we hear is negative things and doom and gloom. Just about any good mentor or leader will tell you, to eliminate as much of that in your life as possible. That even includes hanging around with the complainers and critics in your life.

The Control Room of Your Life
The Control Room of Your Life

Replace that with the exact opposite – meditation, peace, education, personal development, positive motivating friends and you will see a dramatic improvement in your view of the world.

The next section was a light bulb moment for me. Brendon Burchard introduces the concept of our need for “NEW” – meaning we are programmed to want “novelty and change.” Are you already thinking about 10 things you’d like to try? Do you get bored fast? There is a reason for that!!! I always felt badly that my passion for things generally peaked and then fell off. Now, I understand why – it is the deep seeded need to try as much as I can, do as much as I can – in this very short life. I bet you have the same feelings.

Don’t mistake me to mean that we then don’t finish things we start and don’t follow through – that is a different thing altogether. But Burchard offers 6 ways to ensure we keep the “new” in our lives. All the ideas were great, but my favorite was “Travel Adventures.” THAT is one of my biggest passions! Taking one big trip per year – saving up, making plans – going somewhere exotic… that has to be one of the all time best ways to add a little “new” to anyone’s life that I can think of!!

Bring on the "New" | Exotic Travel
Bring on the "New"! - Exotic Travel

One of the things I wrote in the margin of the book was to take my kids camping! So simple! But how fun that would be – an adventure for us all!

So how about you? Does that ring true to you? Do you see how adding new things to your life could make you feel more alive?

Being in business is a tough job – at FIRST. We work many hours for not a lot of money and then one day we get to make a lot of money for not a lot of hours. But no matter where you are in that journey, you can still make sure you are energizing yourself, feeling truly alive and living in the now.
Excited to hear what you think!

See you tomorrow for Chapter 3! Get this book!!!!!

Bossy Redhead OUT!

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10 thoughts on “What Drives Us? | The Charge Review Continued”

  1. I love what you shared about changing your habits and changing the people you hang around with, to include peace, meditation, positive energy, and more. I try to limit time spent with negative people and ever since I began adding positive-minded friends to my life, there have been lasting improvements!

    I only just met you today – what products do you sell?

    Your article contains much good advice – thanks, Michelle!

  2. Michelle, I totally agree with you about eliminating negativity from your life. One way I did this was to only very rarely listen to the news media. While there are positive stories, the content is overwhelmingly negative and depressing. To add a little “new” in our lives , we try to do something fun and laugh every day. As for travel, I couldn’t agree with you more….

  3. I like new experiences.
    Every day is a new day but sometimes it doesn’t feeel like it.

    I feel that being positive is very important for life in general let alone business.

    To Everyones Success.

  4. I like these reviews per chapter thing 🙂 I like the idea of the news fast. It’s amazing how much you DON’T need to know in your life. To break away from every little news piece is to get hours back in your day and peace back in your head. If it’s truly important it’ll come to your attention, you don’t need to look for it.

  5. This so powerful Michelle.

    Absolutely adding new things will feel us alive. It’s funny to read about your decision to go camping with kids, because today we picked up our son from his 3day tramping trip. They had to camp out in the bush, & on our way back I was telling him we should go camping next school holidays.

    Thanks for sharing your review and your thoughts.

    Appreciate very much.


  6. Awesome Review, Michelle!

    This book also helped me realize, like you said, how my excitement for something would peak and they die down. This is a phenomenal book with tons of valuable takeaways and this is only Chapter 2! WOW!!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell

  7. Sounds like some great material. I too love the idea of adventures. We love big vacations, but also try to do weekend activities as a family. It could be as simple as visiting a new museum or attending a weekend festival, but it satisfies our desire for adventure (and new)!

  8. I love what you said about eliminating negative noise. I don’t watch much TV/News because of that fact and it’s no wonder I’m one of the happiest people that I know 🙂

    I also think it’s interesting that we usually are what we hang around. Positivity is where it’s at… and I love that you mention about trying new things! Camping, huh? Fun stuff! On my list is parasailing and I plan to do that in the next year.

    Great insights Michelle, thanks for sharing your brilliance with us!

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